Best Professional Massage on the island


Lomi Lomi 
Hawaiian Temple Massage, the massage so good they named it twice! Lots of oil and forearms using long soothing strokes. Hawaii's answer to Swedish massage. Very relaxing overall.   
Deep Tissue - Not for wimps -
Some of us are trained Rolfers and we are not kidding about the deep part. Just let us know when we are pressing too hard and remember that this is our signature massage.   
Hot Stone
Basically we heat up some rocks and let the heat do all the work. We use lots of oil for this one and loads of aromatherapy. The Cadillac of the massage world, this is for the deep plunge. Do not plan on driving yourself home.
Sports Massage 
It involves more stretching and joint rotation. We work with compression and elongation. Great for pre and post racing or other rigorous forms of workout. We work with many athletes from many fields and like to think of ourselves as specialists.   
The massage you always imagine, relaxing and the perfect compliment to your holiday list of essentials. Think of yourself as dough and us as pastry chefs, really good pastry chefs…    
What can we tell you, fancy foot massage. We rub the heck out of your tired, old paws and not only does it feel like you leave the planet but its great for all your organs and, everything, pretty much.   
Thai Massage 
Traditional mat and fully clothed (two hour treatment,) or modified table format (one hour is enough.) This is the best leg massage in the world and interestingly enough, fantastic for the lower back.
The quick version, it feels like yoga only you don’t actually have to sweat.
Double Trouble
Two therapists, twice as many hands and way more decadent than any of our other massages. This technique is great for assisting you in letting go while your body looses the ability to concentrate on fighting back and just surrenders.   
Pregnancy Massage  
Yes we work on pre-natal women. We have you on your side, propped up with pillows and we are especially nice to those of you with babies in your bellies because we love babies! This can be done throughout your entire pregnancy.  
Neuromuscular Therapy 
N.M.T is used for pain relief and specific problems. These are then addressed through systematic and site specific massage as well as lengthens and strengthens tissues.
A Japanese form of acupressure, in which pressure is applied using the thumb, elbow, or knee, perpendicularly to the skin at acupoints, combined with passive stretching and rotation of the joints.
Massage Maui offers the best massages of the island

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