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Currently, we are offering a Hatha Flow Class as well as a classes daily, by request

This is for beginners with mouvement enough for those who are more intermediate practitioners. 
We can work with you individually, despite your level. The important thing to remember is that is a class. If you knew what you were doing or were very flexible, you might not even be here. It’s all about learning and breathing, basically. We provide mats, ties and blocks for you. All you need is some comfortable clothing that is form-fitting and won’t interrupt your flow. We can accommodate up to 14 in a class so if there is a larger group, we may divide you up into 2 classes or perhaps take the class out to the beach. Pregnancy and injury are no reason not to get involved, this too, can be worked around.  We are all massage therapists here with a significant knowledge of anatomy and familiarity with injury.  This also helps us to give you specific postures to work with your particular situation. Classes are taught by practitioners experienced for many years in massage therapy, acrobatics, gymnastics and related dance movement and of course, years of practicing yoga. 

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