Outcall Services

We love spa parties, let us make that one thing clear. There are no limits as to how many people you wish to invite to your party.

It is entirely up to you if you want to come to our Kihei or Paia location or if you would like us to come to your private residence or hotel room. If you are only having massage, we can hold a spa party at most easy-access beaches, including the one at our resort. If you wish for any other services, it is necessary that we have a location, for electricity, facial steamers, etc…

We have pampered countless brides, bridesmaids and women for just about any occasion. We like to make it easy on you to decide which packages are right for you. Our experience has shown us that it is hard for people to decide on their own so here are a few suggestions and we are completely open to your own creations. The breakdown is simple. You can combine any of our treatments, massage, facials, scrubs, wraps, manicures, pedicures, hair up-dos for weddings or special occasions, make-up application and even yoga to create a package of your choice.






Helping You Revitalize Your Body and Mind

Massage Maui is dedicated to making your stay in paradise relaxing, peaceful, and regenerating.

We are open every day of the year. Come and get your massage anytime!

One-hour massage $115

Couples’ massage $230

Beach front or outcall massage $100

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Bridal Beauty Bliss $415

Wedding hair and photo-ready make-up, one-hour Lomilomi massage, refreshing half-hour facial, and a sparkling beverage


Chocolate Madness $230

Half-hour chocolate facial, half-hour chocolate mocha body treatment, one-hour cocoa butter massage, and a mocha

Manly Man $230

An hour and a half Sandalwood Sports massage, Hawaiian ginger foot scrub, reflexology, and a shot of espresso


Golfer’s Wife's Revenge $285

One-hour massage, half-hour tropical facial, one-hour mud wrap, and a latte


Mai Thai Medley $340

Half-hour Mai Tai facial, hour-and-a-half Mai Thai massage, a one-hour body wrap, and a latte


Spa Offerings

Spa Offerings

Combinations to be shared

(The following programs are priced for two)

Chocolate, Champagne and Roses Retreat

We have created an escape for you both.....relax, reunite and rejuvenate side by side with a relaxing warmed oil massage followed by your choice of a champagne facial or chocolate mousse body wrap. Continue your journey together in a candle lit relaxation room where you will indulge in a bubbly beverage and made in Hawaii chocolates while experiencing a blissful rose petal foot bath ritual followed by an exfoliating chocolate foot scrub and foot massage.

(priced for two)

2 hour ($495)

Prelude to Paradise

Retreat to a candle lit suite designed for two for a truly memorable and uplifting experience to be shared. A relaxing integrative massage, tailored to meet your individual needs, will be followed by an aromatic invigorating foot treatment and scalp massage.

(priced for two)

50 minutes ($240)

80 minutes ($340)

Birthday Extravaganza

On your special day turn back the hands of time and pamper yourself with a customized massage, age-defying facial and restorative body wrap. Also includes a spa birthday gift! Ask us about our Astrology packages that include customized treatments for you personally and a chart to take with you. You can also see that on the Astrology in Spa section of this site.

2 hours and fifty minutes ($355)

Beauty and Soul

Stress quickly vanishes..... close your eyes, exhale and relax as you soothe your soul with a healing massage followed by a visibly transforming customized facial. Emerge feeling refreshed, renewed and radiant.

80 minutes ($180)

Let Yourself Glow

Rejuvenate with your choice of Hawaiian made essential oils for your Aromatherapy massage and exfoliating body polish. Includes a bottle of your favorite fragrance to take home.

80 minutes ($190)

Letting Go With Lavender

Escape the every day world as you relax into a de-stressing massage with lavender massage oil. A luxurious, made on Maui lavender body polish treatment completes this spa experience. Includes a bottle of lavender bath and body oil to take home.

85 minutes ($190)


For your pleasure we have expertly designed the best spa experiences in harmonious combination

Valley Isle Day Spa encourages friends, couples and small groups to spa together

Thai One On

Your exclusive wellness package detoxifies, releases blockages in the body and increases prana or life energy. Experience a Thai massage with a warmed herbal filled compress ball followed by a warm herbal infused body wrap.

80 minutes ($180)

Combinations to be enjoyed by all

(The following packages are priced per person)


Immerse yourself from head to toe with a delightful aromatic blend of pure therapeutic grade essential oils. Begin this treatment with a gentle dry brush exfoliation to prepare your skin for the application of 8 essential oils designed to relax, balance and calm; then relax into your aromatic cocoon body wrap while enjoying a uniquely customized facial. Emerge from this cocoon wrap with soft hydrated skin and a new re-energized look on life.

80 minutes ($180)

Aromapohaku aka Hot Stone Massage & Aromatherapy

Suffering from tension, tightness or stress? This is the package for you! This specialized application of 100% certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils enhanced with the deep penetrating heat of a hot stone massage will melt away all of your stress.

80 minutes ($190)


Aromatherapy meets reflexology. Restore balance and harmony in your body through an enticing blend of oils sure to delight your senses.With the correct application of therapeutic essential oils applied to your back, hands and feet unwanted tension, toxins, and environmental pollutants are expelled, inspiring your body to rediscover its harmonious balance.

50 minutes ($125)

Mother/ Daughter Spa Experience

A shared moment to be remembered. Spend quality time enjoying an aromatherapy massage ,with your choice of essential oils, and an individually customized facial followed by an indulgent foot treatment to promote relaxation and rejuvenation.

80 minutes ($340) priced for two


We strongly enforce a 24 hour cancellation policy. Your card will be charged 50% of the total if canceling less than 4 hours before your scheduled appointment and 100% you dont show up for your appointment or call.

Alii (royal) Hawaiian Retreat

Locally inspired, relish in the fragrances of Hawaii as you unwind with a de-stressing lomi lomi aromatherapy massage and anti-oxidant rich botanical facial. A rejuvenating body polish completes this experience leaving you feel like royalty. Experience the spirit of aloha!

80 minutes ($185)

Body in Balance

A detoxifying treat that promotes wellness through a stimulating massage, followed by a warm herbal infused body wrap. A restorative limu (seaweed) body mask, an aromatherapy scalp massage and foot reflexology treatment will further balance your body. Cleanse your body and boost your natural healing abilities today!

2 hours ($240)


Hawaiian Harmony

Experience a traditional Hawaiian massage enhanced with coconut and eucalyptus oil to relax the mind, body, and spirit. Uncover radiant skin with a papaya exfoliation scrub while enjoying a deep conditioning hot oil scalp treatment.

*80 minutes ($185)

Tahitian Escape

Drift away on the beautiful islands with your one of a kind Hawaiian wave volcanic clay body wrap. Continue your journey with the fragrances of lemongrass and ginger included in your specialty massage.

2 hours ($240)

Thai Medley

Begin with a traditional Thai herbal foot soak with reflexology pressure point massage for the feet followed by the perfect fusion of Thai massage and hot detoxifying herbs for the body. This treatment is designed to increase flexibility, ease tension, strengthen your immune system and expel toxins from your body.

1 hour and 50 minutes ($240)

Packages Created Just for Men!

Focusing on the needs especially for men, decompress the healthy way with a spa day designed just for him!

Gentleman's Renewal

Customized massage specific to your body's needs followed by gentleman's facial to have you looking your best, and exfoliating foot treatment to pamper your sole. We have products designed for men and are happy to share them with you.

1 hour and fifty minutes ($240)

Gentleman’s Spa Retreat

A Deep Tissue massage to relieve his tension & promote healing. A customized mens facial to address the skin care issues for men

One hour and twenty minutes ($205)

Massage Therapy for Golfers

Come discover how a good Therapeutic Massage can improve your game.

Try our new Sports Massage specifically for Golfers. This massage focuses on breaking adhesion and scar tissue in the muscles leading to better freedom of movement, resulting in a better swing.

80 minutes for $170

Pre-Flight Package

Stress of traveling and confined spaces takes its toll on your body.

Ease your tension pre-flight with our new package.

80 minutes of massage to bring your muscles into their natural relaxed state followed by a body scrub to leave your skin exfoliated and hydrated for your travels home.

One hour and fifty minutes $230

New Spa Package Just for Teens!

Especially for Teens Package

Experience our new teen package made just for youth. Start with a relaxing massage then onto Deep Pore cleansing and specialized anti-acne serum facial will give you a radiant a glow.

90 minutes ($180)

Lavender Lullaby $230

One-hour lavender and chamomile massage, half-hour lavender sugar scrub, half-hour lavender steam facial, and a latte.


Coconut Craze $230

One-hour pure coconut oil massage, half-hour fresh coconut facial, half-hour coconut lime body scrub, and a fresh mocha


The Body Cafe $230

One-hour chai latte massage, half-hour milk and honey facial, coffee, chocolate, and sugar scrub, and a mocha



Pineapple Express $175

Half-hour tropical facial, half-hour pineapple salt scrub, half-hour pina colada massage & a latte.


Aroma Oblivion $230

An hour-and-a-half hot stone massage, half-hour eucalyptus facial, rosemary scalp rub, and a shot of espresso


Body Boot Camp $270

Two-hour deep tissue, aromatherapy massage, and a shot of espresso


Soothing Sun Burn Symphony $175

One hour icy stone and aloe vera massage, aloe vera and mint facial, and an iced latte

Romance And Roses $370 In Studio/$410 Beachfront

For honeymooners and couples, hour and a half vanilla rose beachside massage, strawberries and roses & and a sparkling beverage for two (24-hour advanced booking required)


Pre-natal Cocoa Butter Slathering Shower $230

An hour-and-a-half massage and a half-hour facial using the goodness of cocoa butter, our fantastic skin care line and massage oil formulated for expectant mothers! We also provide the coziest pregnancy pillows to maximize your comfort level.




Half Hour Massage $60
One-hour massage $115
Hour and a Half Massage $160
Couples massage $230
Beachfront Sugar Beach Resort add $25
Outcall massage add $45
Deep tissue $20 per hour/30 per 1.5 hour
Hot stone massage $20 per hour/30 per 1.5 hour
One hour massage & half hour facial $175
One hour massage, half hour facial and a half hour scrub  $240
One and a half hour massage, half hour facial and a one hour body wrap  $350


OUTCALL SERVICES Add $45.00 per service

Kama’aina 20% off (local Hawaiian ID holders)

This month's special: Get 10% off on couples' massage

Facial Treatments

Bridal Beauty Bliss

Wedding hair & photo-ready make-up, one hour Lomilomi massage, refreshing half hour facial & a sparkling beverage.


Chocolate Madness

Half hour chocolate facial, half hour chocolate mocha body treatment, one hour cocoa butter massage & a mocha.

Manly Man

Hour and a half Sandalwood Sports Massage, Hawaiian ginger foot scrub, reflexology & a shot of espresso.

Golfer's Wife's Revenge

One hour massage, half hour tropical facial, one hour mud wrap & a latte.

Mai Thai Medley

Half hour Mai Tai facial, hour & half Mai Thai massage, a one hour body wrap & a latte.


Lavender Lullaby

One hour lavender & chamomile massage half hour lavender sugar scrub, half hour lavender steam facial & a latte.


Coconut Craze

One hour pure coconut oil massage, half hour fresh coconut facial, half hour coconut lime body scrub & a fresh mocha.

The Body Cafe

One hour chai latte massage, half hour milk & honey facial, coffee, chocolate & sugar scrub and a mocha.


Face Fanatic

One hour four layer seaweed facial and photo-ready make-up application.

Pineapple Express

Half hour tropical facial, half hour pineapple salt scrub, half hour pina colada massage & a latte.


Aroma Oblivion

Hour and a half hot stone massage, half hour eucalyptus facial, rosemary scalp rub & a shot of espresso.

Soothing Sun Burn Symphony

One hour icy stone & aloe vera massage, aloe vera & mint facial & an iced latte.


Pre-natal Cocoa Butter Slathering Shower

Hour and a half massage & a half hour facial using the goodness of cocoa butter, our fantastic skin care line & massage oil formulated for expectant mothers! We also provide the coziest pregnancy pillows to maximize your comfort level.

Sporting Enthusiasts

Dedicated therapies for high-performance athletes.

Sports Massage

It involves more stretching and joint rotation. We work with compression and elongation. Great for pre and post racing or other rigorous forms of workout. We work with many athletes from many fields and like to think of ourselves as specialists.

Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT)

N.M.T is used for pain relief and specific problems. These are then addressed through systematic and site specific massage as well as lengthens and strengthens tissues.


A Japanese form of acupressure, in which pressure is applied using the thumb, elbow, or knee, perpendicularly to the skin at acupoints, combined with passive stretching and rotation of the joints.

Deep Tissue (Not for wimps)

Some of us are trained Rolfers and we are not kidding about the deep part. Just let us know when we are pressing too hard and remember that this is our signature massage.


Massage Retreats

Discover Massage Retreats, spa breaks and indulgent retreat experiences; with massage, wellbeing therapies, healing, yoga and healthy holidays. Each retreat offers a unique experience with the massage treatments they have on offer, from aromatherapy massage to full body sports massage.

Bridal Hair & Make-Up

Astrology In Spa

Pisces - Mahi-mahi Kaulua

Aries - Nana

Taurus - Welo

Gemini - Ikiiki

Cancer - Kaaona

Leo - Kamask

Virgo - Mahoe Mea Pele

Libra - Mahoe Hope

Scorpio - Ikuwa

Sagittarius - Welehu

Capricorn - Makalii

Aquarius - Kealo